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Starting music lessons can be a daunting task. Check out the answers to some frequently asked questions to help you on your musical journey! If there is a specific question you need answered, please contact us!


What Instruments Do You Offer? How Long And How Often Are Lessons Usually Taught? What Areas Do Offer Lessons? How Are Lessons Billed? How Do You Handle Payments? Is There A Contract What Do You Charge For Lessons? At What Age Do You Suggest Starting Music Lessons? What Should I Expect At The Trial Lesson? Do I Need A Piano To Start Piano Lessons? Do You Have A Piano Tuner You Recommend? Do You Hold Recitals? How Do We Get Started?

New Song Music specializes in providing families with quality in-home lessons. Our teachers are excellent musicians and have a passion for teaching music. You can rest assured that students will receive a balanced music education and enjoy their learning in the process! Individual tastes, preferences and learning styles are carefully considered for each student as the teacher prepares their lessons. We provide a multitude of opportunities for every kind of learner and performer.

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