Why New Song?

New Song Music Studios exists to provide families with creative and quality music lessons in their homes. It is our goal to know and teach our students on an individual basis while providing the benefits of being part of a studio without having to travel to one. Our main objective is to help students enjoy and have FUN in the experience of learning to make music, so that they will be lifetime participants in the appreciation of music. 


What does New Song mean?  It represents a defining moment of change, a time to learn something new. Our vision is to bring that moment of learning a new instrument to every student and make it fun and exciting! We believe that learning music should be fun and are committed to helping our students enjoy their lessons while providing a quality music education.

What Makes Our Studio Unique?

Everything You Need to Know

All of our teachers travel, and only teach in their student’s homes! This makes music lessons convenient and attainable for families. It also helps the student to feel comfortable on their own instrument and gives teachers the opportunity to develop a relationship directly with families. Conducting lessons in the home also allows parents to hear first-hand how the lessons are progressing and how they can help their student practice during the week.

New Song Music specializes in tailoring each lesson to fit the student’s learning style and playing preferences. Each lesson includes going over assigned pieces, learning scales, theory and technique, but it is done in a creative and hands on way. 

New Song Music has an extensive collection of learning games, digital resources, and activities for musicians young and old.Students love these fun music games. They enjoy learning music in a fun new interactive way that help reinforce their knowledge and skills on their instrument! Most students never want music class to end!

What Other Things Are Offered Through Our Studios?

- Quality Teachers 
- Convience
- Performing Opportunities
- Monthly Newsletters
- Online invoice data base with easy access to your invoices.
- Prizes and incentives for practicing and performing


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